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SAT 4/20

6:30pm Try It Veganized (Tasting) 

Try It Veganized (Tasting) 

Our Try It Veganized Cookbook Tasting event is April 20th Located in the Houston Area! The time has finally come!!! The cookbook Try It Veganized introduction couldnt be presented in a better way! We are hosting a tasting to give all of you amazing people a chance to try some of our delicious recipes from the cookbook first! We will serve two breakfast items, two lunch items, 2 dinner items and 1 dessert, all from the cookbook! Please come out and join us each guess will receive a gift bag for supporting us. Be sure to come ready to try some amazing traditional food veganized! Get Your Tickets Now! 

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April 20TH​


Try It Veganized Cookbook (Tasting)


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