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Holistic Wellness Coach

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Naturally Dupreea

Dupreea is a Holistic Nutritionist and wellness coach for Total Life SMB. She have studied Holistic Nutrition at SWIHA based in Arizona. Dupreea studies nutrition, diets, health conditions, eating habits, emotional eating, disease, allergies, intuitive eating, stress relief techniques, mental health, energy and holistic healing. 

Dupreea Makes it her business to help everyone who is willing to help themselves. 

Your Health Is Your Wealth! 


Consulting.Meal Prep and Plans.Total Life Sessions

Total Life 21 Day Transformation

Morning Routine For Growth, Unlearn and Relearn Mastering Self Content.

Total Life 21 day transformation is to help you create better morning habits for growth also to open your mind to more knowlegde. If you need help with balance, creating better habits or just want to make changes because you are open to change and want to accomplish more of your goals. We have programs to help our clients reach all of their health goals and full potential to living a balanced and quality life. 

Meal Plans

Tailored To You Personally 

When starting your Health Journey or your mastering yourself journey it can be a bit difficult to do on your own. Total Life SMB and Naturally Dupreea is here to help guide you along your journey. Meal plans fit just for you can help make things a bit easier for you to stick to your goals. We also offer Meal Prep Houston Area Only! Thank you for trusting not only us to help you but for trusting yourself enough to start today! 

First Things First Consulting 

Booking a consultation can help us understand where we are on Day 1, Help us understand whats the goal and what we want to come from this experience. Many times when seeking a wellness coach we have to know where to start and why its important to put yourself first! Without you there isn't anything else! Book your Consultation now 

What to expect during your consultation, Us getting to know you, your goals, needs and any health challenges. What are your concerns and why is taking this step important to you. Book Now! Lets connect! 

Meal Prep And Food Options​

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Best for Special Occasions

Total Life SMB Membership
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Half Off The Month Of JUNE!

Lets Begin Your New Journey

30 mins-1 hr session

Total Life Consultation
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Meal Plan


Best For Nutrition Goals

30 day 

Meal Plan
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Total Life SMB 

21 Day Transformation 



Let Us Guide you Into Balance 

21 day program

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