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Total Life Healing Package


This package is a Total Body Cleanse! The package consists of 5 herbal capsules to help relieve your body from stress on the internal organs. Ruckstar Super Cleanse, Inflammation/Survivor Blend, Fat Flush/Waist Trimmer, Super Food/Multi-vital-min, Kidney, Liver, & Gallbladder.  Start Your Healing Journey now! PURCHASE THE TOTAL BODY CLEANSE AND GET 2 FREE GALLONS OF HEALING WATER! HOUSTON AREA ONLY!

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A Shaman, healer, herbalist, and naturalist Dr. Kang is natural-pathic doctor. Born into a family of healers and natural doctors in Cameroon in Central Africa, Dr. Kang learned at the foot of his grandfathers, big papa Sume and big papa Simone. They were two of the few people in Africa still able to preform miraculous healing for individuals all over the world. Continuing this tradition, Dr. Kang has spent decades studying plants and herbs and has created a line of natural vegetable, super food compounds used for inter-cellular cleansing, detoxification, replenishment and revitalization.

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Mind Clarity And Focus

Herpes Gone 

Plastic Surgeon 

Holistic Chiropractor

Coming Soon! Natural Energy Drink 

OH! WAIT! NATURAL?! Yes all natural energy drink! 

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